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I am irresistibly drawn by a desire to create images.  I love minimalist simplicity, reducing an image to its key components, and excluding anything unnecessary, helps me to understand what is essential. Using monochrome, or a limited colour palette, is a key part of that. 

I am also drawn to impressionism and pictorialism, but with a contemporary aesthetic.  My real passion, what I am constantly working towards, is producing series of images that express a concept or tell a story.

Much of my work is based around journeys, and I love the meditative nature of the act of walking.  Passing slowly through a landscape in this way allows time to observe and reflect.

I am inspired by people who do things differently and see the world in their own way.  People who have the courage to make a mark.  Particular influences include the photographers Susan Burnstine and Keith Carter, sculptor Antony Gormley, film maker Deeyah Khan and the walking artist Hamish Fulton.  Of course David Bowie, for his all round creative genius and ability to reinvent himself.

Being in control of the complete creative process is important to me, I am passionate about creating a high quality final product that will be valued.  I produce limited edition prints and am working towards the creation of unique hand made books.  Feel free to contact me for more details.




NewWave 3 projection

Image from “Crossing Wolves” series in an open exhibition
Dudley Canal & Tunnel Trust (15th July – 16th August)

“Flight of the Gods & other images”
Asylum Gallery – Wolverhampton  (26th – 28th July)

“This is the news” featured in Photomonitor magazine (April issue) click to see

Image from “Flight of the Gods” was a runner up in the Fix Photo Festival awards
Menier Gallery – London (28th Nov – 1st Dec)

Images from “ugly.beauty.full” were part of a group show entitled “Hauntology”
Asylum Gallery – Wolverhampton (12th – 28th Oct)


“Lower Horseley Fields” from the Crossing Wolves series
Reclaim Photography Festival
Dudley Canal Trust (6th May – 7th June)

Wild Bytes Cafe – Wolverhampton (6th – 29th May)

“Crossing Wolves & other images”
Lighthouse gallery space – Wolverhampton (4th Feb – 31st March)


“Crossing Wolves” ……. a walk from Bilbrook to Bilston
Asylum Gallery – Wolverhampton (9th – 16th Sept)
Wild Bytes & Zuri Coffee – Wolverhampton (from August)


“Crossing – two journeys across Birmingham” ……. a collaboration with Gil Gillis
St Martin’s in the Bullring – Birmingham (3rd June – 4th July)

“Birmingham to Warwick” ……. a walk along the Grand Union Canal
Cafe Ort. – Balsall Heath – Birmingham (13th – 26th March)


“Classic collection” (part II) ……. images from Scotland, Birmingham and the “Arboreal” collection
Urban Coffee – Jewellery Quarter – Birmingham (21st June – 31st August)

“Classic collection” (part I) ……. images from Scotland, Birmingham and the “Arboreal” collection
Old Joint Stock – Birmingham (16th April – 22nd June)


“Retrospective” ……. a look back at photographs from the last six years
St Martin’s in the Bullring – Birmingham (4th May – 13th June)


Birmingham Open Art Show …… Artistic talent from round the West Midlands
Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery – Victoria Square – Birmingham
(10th Feb – 29th April)


“The Bullring in Black and White” ……. a solo exhibition of images of Birmingham’s Bullring.
Cafe at St Martin’s in the Bullring – Birmingham (3rd July – 16th October)


“SHOOT!” ……. a collection of images of Birmingham, part of a group exhibition
The Mailbox – Birmingham (17th – 31st March)

“Looking up, Looking out” ……. photographs of some of Birmingham’s tallest buildings and
views taken from the top. Aston University alumni event (19th March)


“Birmingham Images” ……. photographs of Birmingham’s city centre.
The cafe at St Martin’s in the Bullring – Birmingham (throughout April)

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