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Canis Lupus

Canis Lupus, overgrown city, carpark

Squatting down, she peered out of the window, the tree branches were coming closer as time passed, she could see the buildings on the other side of the street gradually becoming more obscured.  The weather was grey, but she didn’t feel the cold these days.


Behind her the wooden floor boards creaked ever so slightly, barely audible, then she felt its muzzle push gently into her side.  She could smell the scent of its shaggy grey brown coat, feel the warmth of its breath fill the room.  They crouched there together, connecting, for those moments time stood still.  The minutes could have been millennia. 

Canis Lupus, overgrown city, street and trees
Canis Lupus, overgrown city, Mander Centre car park, fallen trees
Canis Lupus, overgrown city, Mander Centre car park, trees
Canis Lupus, overgrown city, Mander Tower windows

She thinks back, remembering her father, it has been years since they last spoke.  They drifted apart over time and she struggled to remember the last time they had a proper conversation, maybe they had never really spoken properly.


She wasn’t sure if she missed him or not, she thought it was more a case of mourning the possibility of what could have been.  She longed for what she had missed out on what people she had seen around her had.

Canis Lupus, overgrown city, Mander Tower and woodland
p1080400_Canis Lupus - Urban Jungle 1.jpg

She sensed the breathing next to her and felt the muzzle touching her again, and drifted away for a moment.  Then she heard the door downstairs click open and then close, she snapped back to reality.

I am still working on this project and am in the process of developing the story.  

Why not let me know if you have any ideas about

what should come next?

Canis Lupus, overgrown city, car park stairwell
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