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I love photographing industry and people at work, it allows us to see behind the scenes and witness things we might not normally get to see.  I particularly want to show businesses, organisations and individuals who are doing things to make our world a better and more sustainable place.  It is important to celebrate these positive moves.  


I am always looking for opportunities to add to this collection.

Aston University EBRI

One of the main focuses of the Energy & Bioproducts Research Institute (ERBI) is processing waste to make raw materials that can be used in other processes. 

This work facilitates new business opportunities, as well as reducing the need to use virgin raw materials and dispose of waste.    It plays an important part in helping us to achieve a sustainable economy.   This is a win, win, and should help us to stop thinking of waste as waste, but as a valuable raw material.

New Cross Hospital - Solar Farm

This solar array is constructed on an old landfill site in Wolverhampton.  It's rated at 7MW, enough to power around 2,400 homes, and supplies New Cross Hospital.  Recently constructed, it is projected to save around 1,700 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year, just over 10% of the trust's emissions.


I had a good scout around the area, but it's pretty well hidden behind the trees and hard to get a clear photograph of. 


It was really interesting to see the work of this inspiring Wolverhampton startup.  They are developing technology to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and help combat climate change.  Their system involves bubbling air though tanks of algae which use natural photosynthesis to absorb the carbon dioxide.  They are working hard to find the right types of algae and give them the conditions where they will grow happily.

They started working on this because they felt other current action wasn't ambitious enough.  They decided they wanted to develop something practical that could make a real difference, not just reducing emissions but actively removing greenhouse gasses from the air.  The algae that grows over time is also a useful resource that could be used for a range of things.

Wolverhampton has a proud history of industry and developing new technologies.  This could be another chapter in this history, one that could really put the city back on the map.

Bee 9   

These bee hives, cared for by Tim Vivian, are on the roof of the Custard Factory in Digbeth, Birmingham.  Tim also has hives in other locations including the BCU building in Eastside.  I would never have guessed that bees could thrive almost in the city centre, and can confirm that the honey they produce is delicious. 


We need to green our urban spaces as much as possible with natural wild plants, and support the insects and other wild life around us.

Wood Saints 

This company do an amazing job recycling old wood and pallets.  They have timber for sale, and also make up furniture and items for the home and garden which they sell thought their shop in Wolverhampton.   The team stops a large quantity of wood going to waste, and reduces the use of new wood, a perfect example of the circular economy in action.