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Job Done

It's a privilege to be able to photograph people at work, it allows us to see behind the scenes and witness things we might not normally get to see.  I love the skill and passion of people going about their day to day work. 

I am always looking for new opportunities to add to this collection.

CarSeq:  it was really interesting to see the work of this inspiring Wolverhampton startup.  They are developing technology to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and help combat climate change.  Their system involves bubbling air though tanks of algae which use natural photosynthesis to absorb the carbon dioxide.  They are working hard to find the right types of algae and give them the conditions where they will grow happily.

They started working on this because they felt other current action wasn't ambitious enough.  They decided they wanted to develop something practical that could make a real difference, not just reducing emissions but actively removing greenhouse gasses from the air.  The algae that grows over time is also a useful resource that could be used for a range of things.

Wolverhampton has a proud history of industry and developing new technologies.  This could be another chapter in this history, one that could really put the city back on the map.


Wood Saints  do an amazing job recycling old wood and pallets.  They have timber for sale, and also make up furniture and items for the home and garden which they sell thought their shop in Wolverhampton.   The team stops a large quantity of wood going to waste, and reduces the use of new wood, a perfect example of the circular economy in action.   


EcoWulf:   This small independent shop in Wolverhampton is all about sustainability and reducing waste.  They sell food, cleaning products and other items while minimising the use of plastics and packaging.  I love the the vibrancy of the colours and the sense of warmth and community that are obvious as soon as you walk in.  There is something in the passion and individuality of small independents that makes them so special.    


CB Arts:  This series of images taken in workshop of artist Chris Brammall.  Based in Cumbria, he designs the most beautiful sculpture and architectural metalwork that he team then fabricate.  This involves a wide range of processes in steel and other metals.


The Shop in the Square  is a wonderful place to find jewellery, art and homeware made by local creatives.  Founded in 2013, it was originally in Queen Square in Wolverhampton city centre, and has now relocated to the Mander Centre.


The Well:  This food bank in Wolverhampton distributes food, including baby food, and toiletries to hundreds of local families in need.  The depend on donations and the work of their volunteer team to keep the operation function.  They take referrals from other organisations, and it is a sad reality that this is a much needed resource.

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