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North Wales & The Wirral

Since the beginning of the year I’ve traveled to North Wales and The Wirral several times.  I am starting to put together a set of images that I will continue to add to over time.  The first two below are the gas works on the Point of Ayr and a stranded tree trunk on the beach near Prestatyn.


It's around 75 miles from the North West tip of Anglesey to the Liverpool docks.  It’s been an interesting experience, as from each place I’ve been I’ve seen the coast stretching both ways to places I’ve been and recognise.  I feel like I’m starting to get a joined up perspective of this part of the country.

P1002336 v2.jpg

The picture above is of the Royal Iris on the River Mersey, the most easterly end of my journeys.  In the background the industrial skyline of Ellesmere Port is just visible, the destination of much larger shipping than this.

Below is a view from on the boat.

P1002385 crop.jpg
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