Sedgley Beacon

On the day the clocks went back I decided to get up early and walk up to the top of Sedgley Beacon to watch the sun rise. When I set out there was just a faint hint of light in the east, I walked through the suburban streets, greeted by the occasional motion sensitive security light flashing on as I passed. Then as I got into the fields I started to hear the first birdsong. There were blackbirds then the unmistakable caw of a crow, and then far off the hoot of an owl, calling its last call before the dawn.

Climbing up onto the beacon I can hear the wind in the trees, and starting to feel its chill I put my scarf back on and zip my top right up. It is cold and my hands are chilled, I hadn’t thought to bring gloves, and it is making it a little harder to hold the camera steady.

The sun rises but is hidden behind a bank of watery grey cloud. Just as I begin to give up hope of a good photograph the sun comes out and then a few minutes later another bank of cloud starts to blow across. Everything lights up golden and the Birmingham skyline is silhouetted on the distant horizon.

I am starting to feel really cold so I put the camera back in my bag and head back home for a cooked breakfast and mug of hot coffee.

(25th October 2020)